off the roman path

i have been slow to post pictures from italy. honestly, how many pictures of the colosseum can you see that haven't been taken before? this is my version. a series i'm naming © off the roman path which i've also posted on flickr. hopefully, a fresh perspective of scenes near famous sites that have been passed over.

the middle child of ancient artists and architects, slightly overlooked but beautiful in their own right.


roma 4

roma 5

these last two you've probably seen before but they are absolutely breathtaking at night.

roma 9.jpg

the 'wedding cake' building, officially known as il Vittoriano...

roma 11

and the trevi fountain, the most difficult place to photograph because of the colossal amount of people posing and taking shots all at once. i will never get tired of visiting it, though.

the first few pictures aren't labeled because i can't remember and i took these from the top of a double dutch tour bus. the audio wasn't plugged into by ear. enjoy all the same.


  1. Envious! It's so great to "visit" Italy through your fab (as usual) photos!

  2. Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful cities with it's ruins scattered all over, it's rich history and even the chaotic traffic... :)

  3. @tanya -- to be hating on me. = )

    @brian -- there some sunny days coming up. I promise not to disappoint.

    @elie -- it's breathtaking. i didn't appreciate on my first visit. it took a second time for me to see really see it.


Thank you.