polaroid weekly : no. 3

i'm still getting a hang of this polaroid thing. it's a bit fuzzy.

artwork, homework, little works of art get hung on our walls from kitchen to kitchen, house to house. each one an example of the changes in the kid's lives. here's a big change...wonder boy has so much HOMEWORK...yes, homework in the 2nd grade should be banned. well, at least while we're here. i'm trying to make polaroid weekly a fun exercise in photography. shooting with a polaroid keeps you aware of light and reminds me why digital is wonderful.

now, in choosing what to shoot.  i chose this little corner of our temporary living quarters because it's proof that kids take with them what they want. wonder boy was working on still life art at his previous school and on a whim while painting at home he whipped up this miniature masterpiece in watercolors.

thank you, mrs. woods for getting it right.


  1. At first glance this looked like a design for a stained glass window...and the cookie jar, heh, heh...I'm still trying to get the macro down right. Most of mine still come out a bit fuzzy. I use a mini tripod as an aid at times. Hoping you'll not be TLA much longer~OY!

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  3. I wonder how much homework Lucia will get next year!!!I think we have been blessed by the two wonderfull schools he has attended so far back hom...keep polaroid week coming honey...they are wonderfull...MM

  4. Love it! You are so inspiring! I hear you about the homework thing...baby girl has SOOOO much! I'm trying to look at it positively and think she'll be all good by the time we eventually move up to DC! Hugs!!

  5. @subby -- tla is treating us well. the quarters are comfy and have lots of positives. what camera are you using? maybe, I can help? email me at exposures address.

    @military man -- i hope not as much! besos!

    @tanya -- thank you chica. good luck in DC. staying close to the fam...that's great!


Thank you.