polaroid weekly: retail therapy

i've been doing a lot of this...indoor shopping. never imagined that there would be an outlet mall and gargantuan mall close to us. that's not the sort of shopping that i envisioned doing while living here. but growing up as a mall rat, i will confess that i felt a little giddy shopping during saldi invernali (deep italian winter discounts). apparently, there are two times of the year where all stores run sales: winter and summer...and i'm loving it. we've all benefitted from this national clearance.

yes, i said it a mall rat. mom and her best friend started us early (my sister friend + i). they'd pack us in a rented stroller and spend an entire day shopping, while we would terrorize the racks. we learned from a very early age to bypass the front racks and barrel our way to the clearance racks. it's called passive aggressive haggling. i tried to stay in the italian stores only but couldn't pass up the big H. they were practically giving the merchandise away. well enough, about that.

praying for better weather so i can venture off to a ruin or two. ciao!


  1. ok, I need to find a house far away from the mall!!!!! thank you for my stuff honey, keep looking for "saldis" MM

  2. good luck MM...

    oh can hope for warm weather as well as i would love to see some pics of ruins...

  3. Awesome! Our mom taught us the same thing...always head back...waaaaaaaaaay back!!! Enjoy!!


Thank you.