wednesday wishes

i can want this one, right? Another one to my list. i might be considered the crazy camera lady if i add this one to the camera bag? It's the panasonic Lumix GF1 with interchangeable lenses. you're probably wondering what the heck is she talking about. it's basically a point and shoot with panasonic lenses you can switch out.

look at her with at all angles, here. she's got a vintage feel to her but don't be fooled at her size or the fact that she appears to be a point and shoot. she packs a powerful punch and provides you with these images, by craig pod on a field test through the himalayas, and more here and here.  proof positive that the good things indeed come in small packages. on a professional level this can be a great back up. it will deliver the same images but if i show up to session or event with this little thing clients will wonder if they're getting what they paid for. indeed, it will but i would recommend this little jewel as a mommy's got to camera, as well as, a fantastic one for travel.

{Hey T...you might want to reconsider my other suggestion, this little one is a mighty fine alternative to tranditional SLR's}


  1. Hehehe...thank you for the suggestion! I have a G9 right now...hence the want for a DSLR. But...this bad boy does look pretty bad-a$$. Definitely a great travel cam for y'all, right? Have some espresso (MM) and pastries for me!

    We just got word that following shore tour we might go to P.Canaveral.

  2. Thank you Tanya, I need to slow down on the espresso...I feel like I can go 100mph with the amount of espresso I am drinking...Liza...your birthday is in July...this looks like a camera that Cory can just use all the time!!!just kidding...

  3. Oh, this one might be perfect for me! Yes, so unusual (and fun) to find another Liza! I'm happy you did, so I can visit you here. I just wrote today about wishing for a camera upgrade! Funny...


Thank you.