white snow, bright snow

white snow, bright snow

Softly, gently in the secret night,
down from the north came the quiet white.
Drifting, sifting, silent flight,
softly, gently, in the secret night.

White snow, bright snow, smooth and deep.
Light snow, night snow, quiet as sleep.
Down, down, without a sound;
down, down, to the frozen ground.

Covering roads and hiding fences,
Sifting in cracks and filling up trenches.
Millions of snowflakes, tiny and light,
Softly, gently, in the secret night.

wishing for my friends in much colder climates
full pantries, warm blankets, and great reads.

the girls and boy and i paid a visit to the libray. we have some great reads for all to enjoy in our wet and rainy italian weather. il cielo piange {the sky crys} as we sit and wait for the sky to clear, we'll read and pray for better weather for all.

...stay warm...stay safe!


  1. This looks like a wonderful book and I love the poem...it seems like a good one to memorize.

  2. fun read...love going to the library with the fam. thanks for the warm wishes...the wind is a bit brisk here...

  3. Very nice... and have a great V-Day weekend!

  4. Me like...was out early in the morn( still dark )to get some pics of untrodden paths in the new snow :)


Thank you.