moving day


the trucks are in the driveway and i'm on site with the girls making sure they're happy in music and preschool, while military man is pointing the movers in the right direction. the suspense is killing me. as soon as, things are done here, military man and i will be unpacking boxes and crates and getting our home in order.

{picture taken in pisa. our actual home is quite modern but i'll let you imagine that my house is a renovated villa surrounded by rolling hils and a fields of sunflowers...but not really!}


  1. Huzzah! And nice imagery you've opted for ;)

    ...and SPACE!!!

  2. Great. I hope your Italian life is very very happy!

  3. YAY!!! As I sit congratulating you while peering at the boxes still yet unpacked from our moved a year ago...which also includes the boxes with multicolored stickers of several moves & not unpacking! ;o) Can't wait to see the photos of the new home!

  4. Oh, I do hope you'll be happy with the move, and nothing important got broken! I know how these moves can be...

  5. Hey Mama! I've got something for ya to pick up! That is, when you get a chance!!! Ciao!

  6. Moving is a huge thing to do... on one side the work that it involves and on the other the excitement of a new home...


Thank you.