you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

i'm multi-tasking, right now...doing laundry, surfing through the net and having the best time eavesdropping on wonder girl's role playing with all her stuffed animals. they are all lined on the couch waiting to be moved to the table to have a bite to eat and play. she's having a sweet conversation with them & girl wonder and if they are not listening she's puts them in time out. hum, i wonder where she gets that from? this is the reason she is staying at home for the remainder of this school year(and i'm homeschooling), rather, than putting her in preschool. she's at that wonderful age...four...where everything is exciting and the life IS a wonderful adventure. this is my wonder girl...my Lucy...Lucia...the sunshine of our lives. Lucia literally means light and she brings light and excitement to everything she does. who knew that her name would suit her so well. funny, how that worked out.

honestly, i've been a reluctant mom and a wicked wifey for a long time. searching for ways to escape the bad days. those bad days of temper tantrums, screaming and the monatony of chores, clean-up and even story-time. but they are getting to be fewer and the kids are getting bigger. now, i'm beginning to freak out. i've got one more to go. one more to potty-train, calm tempter tantrums, help develop speech patterns and teach or reinforce letters, numbers and songs.

boy, i'm in trouble...i feel lots of crying when i see Lucy get on that school bus with her big brother. i better  start stocking up on the kleenex.


Things they are a changing!

okay, so, now what? a new camera led me to a new hobby, the new hobby led me to venturing into a new career; the venture has led me into a starting a business and the business has led me to selling my work on a website. but what has it done to my blog? my little place in cyberspace where i would come to let out some steam for anyone who's listening, or "stop for a while" and comment.

honestly... a little empty. i've left a lot of me out of it and focusing on just the photography and if anything, i'm more than a person who knows a camera. my resume can confirm that. i mean i've had jobs from teaching a foreign language to a federal employee in one the most notorious agency in the government. i'm flattered to hear all the comments about the photography but i think i want this back to the place where i started.

Lizabee & co. a place to ramble about my loves and hates on motherhood, life, marital bliss, politics and the military. Quite frankly, i've been really close in pressing the delete button because I've lost the true direction of this thing and the pressure of setting a post with a picture has been killing my writing. So, I've decided to separate the two {or three}. If you want me come to this spot. If you want to hear about photography check out exposures by liza and if you're in the mood to spend money then drop by the shop.


just opened

As promised the shop is opened!!! This is out of my comfort zone but i'm very excited to have done it. Believe me i've been dreaming of having a little shop of my own with goods that reflect my style for a long time. Little did i know that it would take form of a print shop with my photography. Needless to say this a giant leap of faith for me.

i still have thousands of ideas in my head and a journal in my purse to jot these things down before they get forgotten. i certainly hope you enjoy the space and get inspired yourself to share with your friends or decorate your space.


what no picture?!

Some, (okay, so only one of you) has noticed that I've posted an opening date on the the shop. Well, it's true, the shop will debut on monday the 22nd. I'm tweaking and adding prints as we speak and I have some other ideas, too. Not sure if they'll be ready for the premiere but they will be a part of the shop for sure. So, stay tuned.

On another note, we have a bug. We are slowly and painfully working through a nasty infectious little intruder, which is making me lose some precious sleep as i tend to sick babies. Wonder boy has been infected, too, which is rare. He never gets sick but as a friend of mine asked me, "does having to take care of sick kids in such a beautiful place make a difference?" Well, yes. It just makes you want to be able to enjoy your surroundings more and get over the bug. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy my views.


english muse

yes, i did find my muse. lovely london with all its english glory. i can see why we have Shakespeare, Keats, Austen and the Beatles.  {funny to group the beatles with such greats but i'm writing off the cuff, here.} the city is just bustling with excitement. you can hear life just outside the flat's window and the only thing delaying me is getting the wonder kids dressed.

i'm off! i can't wait what the rest of the week turns out.

photo entered in i heart faces week 12 photo challenge. it's a great site if you want to learn about the newest trends and tips from professionals worldwide.

we're on holiday

to say that i've been busy is an understatement. i know that those who've been checking on a regular basis are looking forward to a preview of our modern italian villa. i got the message you want to see it. i've yet to take pictures of it, sorry. the perfectionist doesn't find it photo worthy. those that know me best know that i am house proud and hate to have people over or even take pictures of my house if it doesn't even resemble the interiors of better homes & garden. it's a shallow confession but i DO have flaws, you know.

the house is coming, along. however, we're sitting on loaner furniture from the navy and i'm still expecting two more shipments to come from the states with the remainder of our household goods. it's been a long a drawn out process. we will be fully moved in by the end of april. i'll have pictures before then, i promise.

in the meantime, i've found my creativity again. i lost it for a bit. the house and move has drained me. this move has been the most stressful of our navy career. i've never felt this overwhelmed and anxious before but what keeps me going is our true mission of this trip...TRAVEL.

we're on holiday in london for a few days and enjoying it like never before. it's hard to believe that i was here fifteen years ago and in my prime like miss jean brodie. i think i'm enjoying sharing and teaching the kids what i had a chance to see so long ago. the picture represents my mood lately...dark and moody. i'll have my groove back and it'll be sunny days, again.

i heart faces week 13 photo challenge entry {dramatic black & white}