Things they are a changing!

okay, so, now what? a new camera led me to a new hobby, the new hobby led me to venturing into a new career; the venture has led me into a starting a business and the business has led me to selling my work on a website. but what has it done to my blog? my little place in cyberspace where i would come to let out some steam for anyone who's listening, or "stop for a while" and comment.

honestly... a little empty. i've left a lot of me out of it and focusing on just the photography and if anything, i'm more than a person who knows a camera. my resume can confirm that. i mean i've had jobs from teaching a foreign language to a federal employee in one the most notorious agency in the government. i'm flattered to hear all the comments about the photography but i think i want this back to the place where i started.

Lizabee & co. a place to ramble about my loves and hates on motherhood, life, marital bliss, politics and the military. Quite frankly, i've been really close in pressing the delete button because I've lost the true direction of this thing and the pressure of setting a post with a picture has been killing my writing. So, I've decided to separate the two {or three}. If you want me come to this spot. If you want to hear about photography check out exposures by liza and if you're in the mood to spend money then drop by the shop.


  1. its good to hear from you. sounds like you are quite busy. how are things with the shop?

  2. Mama...I love however you express yourself and am excited to read more "ramblings". ;o) *muwah*

  3. Enjoy the journey, Amiga! I'm happy for you. :-)

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/thursday-poets-rally-week-13-poem-post/

    the most creative poet award for you,
    Happy Wednesday!


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