we're on holiday

to say that i've been busy is an understatement. i know that those who've been checking on a regular basis are looking forward to a preview of our modern italian villa. i got the message you want to see it. i've yet to take pictures of it, sorry. the perfectionist doesn't find it photo worthy. those that know me best know that i am house proud and hate to have people over or even take pictures of my house if it doesn't even resemble the interiors of better homes & garden. it's a shallow confession but i DO have flaws, you know.

the house is coming, along. however, we're sitting on loaner furniture from the navy and i'm still expecting two more shipments to come from the states with the remainder of our household goods. it's been a long a drawn out process. we will be fully moved in by the end of april. i'll have pictures before then, i promise.

in the meantime, i've found my creativity again. i lost it for a bit. the house and move has drained me. this move has been the most stressful of our navy career. i've never felt this overwhelmed and anxious before but what keeps me going is our true mission of this trip...TRAVEL.

we're on holiday in london for a few days and enjoying it like never before. it's hard to believe that i was here fifteen years ago and in my prime like miss jean brodie. i think i'm enjoying sharing and teaching the kids what i had a chance to see so long ago. the picture represents my mood lately...dark and moody. i'll have my groove back and it'll be sunny days, again.

i heart faces week 13 photo challenge entry {dramatic black & white}


  1. wonderful shot. glad to hear you are having fun...and found your muse!

  2. Love it! I'm so sorry this move has been so stressful. But, if anyone can handle it, it's you Superwoman! I don't think any of our homes have been picture worthy (they were before we moved in...hahahaha)...and it's only recently that I semi-started to get things to decorate (since, you know...moving every few years makes one not want to buy things that might not fit with future residences). Anyhoo...I'm glad y'all are travelling and can't wait to see more!!


  3. Ah yes...the ol' "waiting-for-the-big-crates-to-arrive" thing...We stayed in a lovely ( if small ) hostel when we moved back to West Germany...a couple of months later our crate showed up! Patience can indeed be a virtue, yes? Happy hols, as well :)


Thank you.