what no picture?!

Some, (okay, so only one of you) has noticed that I've posted an opening date on the the shop. Well, it's true, the shop will debut on monday the 22nd. I'm tweaking and adding prints as we speak and I have some other ideas, too. Not sure if they'll be ready for the premiere but they will be a part of the shop for sure. So, stay tuned.

On another note, we have a bug. We are slowly and painfully working through a nasty infectious little intruder, which is making me lose some precious sleep as i tend to sick babies. Wonder boy has been infected, too, which is rare. He never gets sick but as a friend of mine asked me, "does having to take care of sick kids in such a beautiful place make a difference?" Well, yes. It just makes you want to be able to enjoy your surroundings more and get over the bug. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy my views.


  1. ugh. hope you feel better...too cool about the shop!

  2. Even with all the requires shots, there may still be something going round that isn't covered, hmmmm....do tend to the kiddies and all will be well, yes?

    Looking forward to seeing the shoppe :)

  3. Thanks guys...I hope you like what you see on the shoppe. And the kids are recovering nicely, too.

  4. Hope the kids are better now!


Thank you.