you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

i'm multi-tasking, right now...doing laundry, surfing through the net and having the best time eavesdropping on wonder girl's role playing with all her stuffed animals. they are all lined on the couch waiting to be moved to the table to have a bite to eat and play. she's having a sweet conversation with them & girl wonder and if they are not listening she's puts them in time out. hum, i wonder where she gets that from? this is the reason she is staying at home for the remainder of this school year(and i'm homeschooling), rather, than putting her in preschool. she's at that wonderful age...four...where everything is exciting and the life IS a wonderful adventure. this is my wonder girl...my Lucy...Lucia...the sunshine of our lives. Lucia literally means light and she brings light and excitement to everything she does. who knew that her name would suit her so well. funny, how that worked out.

honestly, i've been a reluctant mom and a wicked wifey for a long time. searching for ways to escape the bad days. those bad days of temper tantrums, screaming and the monatony of chores, clean-up and even story-time. but they are getting to be fewer and the kids are getting bigger. now, i'm beginning to freak out. i've got one more to go. one more to potty-train, calm tempter tantrums, help develop speech patterns and teach or reinforce letters, numbers and songs.

boy, i'm in trouble...i feel lots of crying when i see Lucy get on that school bus with her big brother. i better  start stocking up on the kleenex.


  1. I love listening to the kids play and hearing the delicious things that come out of their mouths and laugh when I hear myself in tiny little voices.

    I hear you about Lucy. Jaron'l be doing the same thing this fall and I won't have my cuddle bear at home with me anymore. Waaaaaaaaaah.

    These kids are growing up too fast...and like you, I need to slow down and enjoy them before they head off to college!

  2. I know... Enjoy those precious moments; they go away so quickly and then, the silence...

  3. Enjoy the kids... they grow up so fast and you sometimes don't even realize the have... enjoy your week!

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/easter-sunday-awards-to-fill-your-basket/

    Happy Belated Easter!


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