we've pack our bags and off on a 10-day road trip to paris...oh, la, la.

i'm excited and giddy. this is the only time in our history of packing for family vacations that military man and i weren't packing our bags until the crack of dawn. our suitcases are actually sitting next to the door waiting be transferred into the car. 

i'll catch you when we get back.


i should be packing...

and finishing laundry...

but the wisteria vine growing over our carport has seriously distracted me.

if you've been following for me for awhile, you probably have seen the images of laundry hanging over balconies like this one and this one. well, it must have been some forshadowing on how i would be doing things while living in naples. the economy has made us choose the price of gas over convenience. i chose to be more economical, military man was surprised that i gave the laundry hot box over the clothesline. i can't say that i hate it. it's a great nostalgic feeling that reminds me of helping my mother and grandmother, once upon a time...

and honestly, i rather be outdoors enjoying the views.


...and yet, another one...

the obligatory, "what we did for Easter," post for all the family and friends to see...

her first real hunt.

a sweet family portrait....well, not really but real!

and the perfectly dyed and painted eggs. martha would be so proud.

ciao, ciao!


happy easter

silence in the morning
signs of spring echo in the distance
mother sipping on coffee enjoying her morning journals
father answering mail

silence is broken
doors creep open
pattering feet hurry along
skipping down the stairs

eyes wide open in surprise
he came!

{this is a description of our morning right before wondergirl woke up and saw her easter basket...but it's a great metaphor of the significance of the day}

happy easter!


london snapshots

our trip to london trip has by far been my most favorite of all our short getaways since moving to italy. one of the perks of military man's job are business trips. we get to travel while he works during the day. we made the best of it while he slaved over at the embassy and even had some needed rest from recently moving into our new house in naples. i had traveled to london before as a chaperone for a school trip and couldn't wait to show my company my favorite parts of the town. well, london didn't disappoint...everybody fell in love with her.

.london snapshots 2010.

the best story-teller

.london snapshots 2010.

victorian blue...queen victoria's favorite color which is also painted on tower bridge. this picture really says london to me, a city who is mostly gray but with punches of color. they really express themselves with these vibrant and luxurious colors all around the city, which is a direct reflection of who they are. just lovely and vibrant people full of warmth and a zest for life.

.london snapshots 2010.

.london snapshots 2010.

guarding the crown jewels.

.london snapshots 2010.

just love these guys. i can't wait to see them as teenagers and the best of friends. they really can't live without each other.

.london snapshots 2010.

having fun at Hamley's Toy Shop, London's version of FAO Schwartz....or is FAO Schwartz our version of Hamley's? another a example of which came first....the chicken or the egg?

lady liberty standing there oh so pretty...it was love at first sight! the best shop for all things feminine.

.london snapshots 2010.

 just because she's oh so cute!

one of my favorites of the crew while standing at Picadilly Circus...everybody's attention is on something different. so much to see.

.london snapshots 2010.

we had such a great time there and i can gush over this city for hours but why bore anyone with what most people already know about this fantastic city. I love thee!!! more of snapshots of london on my flickr set.