happy easter

silence in the morning
signs of spring echo in the distance
mother sipping on coffee enjoying her morning journals
father answering mail

silence is broken
doors creep open
pattering feet hurry along
skipping down the stairs

eyes wide open in surprise
he came!

{this is a description of our morning right before wondergirl woke up and saw her easter basket...but it's a great metaphor of the significance of the day}

happy easter!


  1. ha. beautiful...we had a great (and interesting) morning so far. will post on it tonight.

    happy easter!

  2. Love the picture that you've created through this poem!!! Happy Easter!!

  3. We can always count on WG to wake us up with "is morning time, wake up!!!" she is great and it was a wonderful easter...

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/finally-poetry-awards-for-poets-rally-week-14/

    two poetry awards for you,
    the most productive poet award,
    the most popular poet award,
    Happy Friday!


Thank you.