i should be packing...

and finishing laundry...

but the wisteria vine growing over our carport has seriously distracted me.

if you've been following for me for awhile, you probably have seen the images of laundry hanging over balconies like this one and this one. well, it must have been some forshadowing on how i would be doing things while living in naples. the economy has made us choose the price of gas over convenience. i chose to be more economical, military man was surprised that i gave the laundry hot box over the clothesline. i can't say that i hate it. it's a great nostalgic feeling that reminds me of helping my mother and grandmother, once upon a time...

and honestly, i rather be outdoors enjoying the views.


  1. yeah, i'd rather be outside any day...

    have a wonderful day!

  2. Very nice! If we hung the laundry outside...everything would be yellow!! The pollen is ridiculous right now! Love that it gives you warm memories and the view...very nice!

    Now go pack! ;o)

  3. We got a nice taste of the warm weather ( too warm, really ). Dinna like to get out when that hot! Enjoy!

  4. lovely photos,
    I would love to take a walk in the setting.

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    Happy Thursday!
    Awards for fun!

  6. that wisteria would have me seriously distracted too!

    i love to hang laundry! back in the states i hung mine out more then i used the dryer, except in the winter. it's the being outside and getting a few minutes alone with my thoughts that i love so much. here we don't have a dryer--so i'm hanging laundry everyday!


Thank you.