fun in ravello

more fun in ravello

fun in ravello

wise guys...having some fun on a short day trip to ravello which by the way is breathtaking. i thought positano was beautiful! hmph, wait till you see some of my snaps of this beautiful town high on a mountain top in the amalfi coast.

OH, and the drive is an adventure all by itself. riding through all the amalfi coast is spectacular but for a person afraid of heights, like me, it can be tricky. these places are lovely but the roads connecting the towns are SCARY!!!! most of the images taken while military man is driving are shot through my fingers or one-handed because i can't seem to pry my white-knuckles from the door. it's actually pretty funny. so, when we arrive to a town i am so relieved and take hundreds of shots.

these are two of my favorites while letting out some steam from a very long drive to ravello. the staff at this restaurant, as all restaurants throughout italy, are warm and friendly. they really make you feel at home. the distance from our house to ravello is relatively short, however, the traffic is fierce with lots of stops along the way. no one usually complains because the stops are a great break from the twists and turns of the road and the views are relaxing.

now for a preview of what we saw...

scala {view from ravello}

scala {neighboring town to ravello and named for the thousand steps it takes to reach the mediterranean sea}

beautiful ceramics

a view from the car {white knuckles in place}

secret garden

and a secret garden.

we vowed to come back...maybe, i'll bring a blindfold for the drive up next time.


  1. oh this looks like a beautiful place and the pics of your fam are wonderful as well. have a marvelous day!

  2. Why. Do. I. Want. To. Travel. So. Badly?

    Oh yeah, because of someone's ridiculously amazing pics & descriptions of HER travels!

    Love, love, love. But yeah, I would've been right there with you...white-knuckled and needing an entire stick of deodorant! We went to Busch Gardens this past weekend and went on the sky ride...why I was praying it would hurry up and we would reach the next stop ASAP??? Hahahaha.

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing!

    BTW, just noticed your profile description says "mother of three + one"... does that mean you count MM or are you expecting another?!

  4. Ang, nice one...I can't wait for the answer from MOM!!! this could be fun!!!

  5. ah! such memories you have brought back!! 4 years ago we visited Rome and the Amalfi coast. we stayed in praiano for a week (excuse me if i mis-spelled that) it was our very favorite part of the trip. visited positano several times on the little orange bus, had lunch in ravello, and i remember passing that very ceramic shop!!! i really hope we can go back some day. and i can totally relate to those white knuckle roads and cliffs!!


Thank you.