I'm still here.

Yes, I'm still here plugging away at the computer but these days it's been on a new website to showcase the photography. I've been less creative and more techinical and it's has me a bit worn out. I had found a great site that was giving me everything I wanted AND extremely easy to use. After two days and an all nighter, yes, can you believe it...an all nighter! I had uploaded almost all of the pics and my personal info without a hitch. Then this morning the bubble burst. I CAN NOT ACCESS MY GALLERY, THE WEBSITE, or any other photographers related to this website. It's not all gone. I just can't get to it.

The site had great customer service, which, responded right away and gave me some tips but still nothing. So, after all that hard work I think I have to find a new host and site.  The customer service rep could access it, military man view it from work (MM could see it because they work on US servers.) It's an Italy thing. A problem i've encountered before but much earlier in the game. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have this problem. But since I don't want to change things over, just yet. I'm giving it the weekend to sort out...check it out here and tell me what you think. I had figured out Photoshop CS4, finally, to create my new logo and I really love it. I'm pretty proud of it.

Here's a preview. Maybe I should get into logo design? Any-takers?

Don't forget to check me out and drop me a comment. I sound pitiful don't I...? I just need a cyber hug...heeelllppp!


  1. I think it looks great!

    BIG cyber hug! :) Have a great weekend!!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! (Imagine Oprah saying it...hehehehe).

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  3. liza, its wonderful...clean and simple to navigate...very nice. great to hear from you as well...

  4. Thanks everybody...I'm glad you guys could see it. I'm still can't view it from home. Fingers-crossed that it works itself out. Have a great weekend!

  5. By the way, the portraits are gorgeous!

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Thank you.