I'm buried

under a mountain of pictures, once again. Difficult to find a starting point...So, I'll start here...

I turned 40 this past weekend. Yes, FORTY! It's a number that some people feel completely overwhelmed to turn but I can say that I LOVE IT!!!!! Am I strange? Is that weird? Oh, who cares!

I feel like I have a lot to accomplish and looking forward to all of it. I've left that twenty-something, thirty-something girl behind with all of her hang-ups, complaints and amazingly, overnight have become a full-fledge grown-up.

Now, a milestone like this doesn't go ignored in this family without some sort of celebration. We took a hour road trip to the town of Amalfi and sunbathed & boated like the natives. We spent the morning on a pebble beach situated on via Lungomare dei Cavalier, rented a boat and ate here.

Ristorante da Teresa is not only a great place to eat but a treat. You can get there by both land and sea and once there you can just rent chairs and an umbrella for  the rest of the day. It's much easier to get there by boat even with small children because by foot is a long climb down stairs. Once we were done we freshened up and took a five minute walk to downtown Amalfi for some gelato, of course.

There's something that comes with answering "I'm Forty" to the question "How old are you?"

I feel confident and centered. No, really. I had an unsettling feeling for awhile and it's not just my relocation but something that I couldn't put my finger on...THIS IS IT. I guess I have been shedding my old skin for this new one.

I love how it's slightly stretched, sun spotted and wrinkled.

{pictures taken with nikon D200, nikon 85mm, enhanced on Photoshop CS4}


venice part two

a gondola ride, a courtyard & an alley

gondola docked

gondola ride, venice, italy

nina on gondala

cory on gondola



Second and final of part of venice. In a recent conversation with a friend about my trip to venice, she asked me how much i liked it. I replied, "I loved it" of course. Her follow up questions was, "Did you take a gondala ride?" My response..."Well, YES! Who wouldn't!" 

To my surprise, quite a few. She later told me that most people don't because of one reason or another the expense. Those that did have a ride, LOVED their trip and those that didn't, thought that Venice was just okay. Just okay...well, that's just sad. 

My personal advice, if you're considering a trip to Europe have the full experience. Like when in Venice, get on a gondola or when in Holland, try on a pair of wooden shoes and see some windmills. This is my second chance to travel through Europe and I'm doing it just like the first. Taking it all in and seizing every opportunity. I will admit it's more challenging this time around with the kids. Half of the experience of traveling IS doing some of the cheesy or cliche things for the sake of getting the complete experience. They may feel "touristy" or fake but just remember that some of those very same "touristy" things hold hundreds of years of history and you're taking a slice of it home with you. So, just do it! 

Now, about our experience on the gondola. My first response was..."Wonder Boy, no problem but what are we doing getting a toddler and a preschooler on the boat?" You should have seen some of the expressions on people's faces while we were boarding. I'll have to say that the driver was a bit shocked, too. But, I quickly shook my initial response off, ignored the stares and said to myself, "sister, this is your chance...GET ON!!!!!" I'm so glad we did. Frankly, this is my adventure and if I continue to wait for the right or perfect time to do this or that, it will be gone. I will admit that Military Man and I are definitely the more adventurous type. Not many people would consider backpacking through Europe with a toddler on their backs, but why not? Our first gondola ride experience may not have been as romantic as others but its ours.

{pictures taken with nikon d200, 24-70mm lens, natural light, leah's actions}


yes, you've got the right place

not much has changed...

just the header
just my focus
just lizabee & co.

I have enjoyed over two years blogging under lizabee & co. however, things have evolved and my perspective has changed a bit. the company i keep is still the center of my world but i've been able to change my focus since the babies, have become toddlers, have become school-aged. 

i'll be happily blogging about our adventures throughout italy and europe and continuing to challenge myself, my photography and writing. i just hope that you'll enjoy ...just liza for now.


venice part one

While in venice, my shots were a record low. most NORMAL photographers probably ended their days with a sore shutter finger. not me...i thought i was being more thoughtful with the images and surely some are just that {like the first one}, however, honestly i was just in awe of its elegance. it has to be one the most spectacular cities on the planet. beauty was all around me and the images that i had seen so many times before in film or print were coming alive before my eyes. like the enormous Piazza San Marco with all its pigeons and cafes. San Marcos cathedral. the Grand Canal. Gondolas...oh, my.

So, my camera stayed by my side for most of our walks because venice is just so grand and i focused on capturing a feeling and its details. what i normally feel while walking through most of italy is what i felt while watching movie classics like Karina, with Sophia Loren and Clark Gable, or Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. a feeling of timelessness...my goal was to capture a feeling of nostalgia. which is why i chose to use more actions with these shots. in addition to, the fact that it was the middle of the day when the sun is the harshest and brightest and i'm revealing a big secret here... sometimes you can hide poorly lit conditions with actions, which is what i did with some of these. 

ciao, venezia

venice skyline

around the corner docked pretty facade

he's laughing at me

the ride you've been waiting for

i have more that i'm editing of venice, and paris, and rome, and sperlonga {a beach south of Rome} but who am i kidding it will take me a lifetime to do them all. so, for now i have these and my most favorite one....

Venetian Blue

Venetian Blue.

Venice was magnificent.

{pictures taken with nikon 200 & nikkor 24-70mm, leah's actions}


all dressed up...

and ready for sale...this etsy thing has me very excited. I've had lots of exposure on my pictures and can't believe how many have chosen to heart my shop and some of my pics already. a couple of users even featured me as one of their treasures. it's all so flattering. i'm always so humbled when people like my work.

here are a few more that i've been working on...you may have recognized a few already if you been following me for awhile, with the exception of a new look.



a couple of shots from my travels through italy and I couldn't help to make them look a bit more vintage and aged. they feel timeless this way. dontcha think?


to etsy or not to etsy?

that is the question...and the answer is yes!!! i have been going back and forth with this so i decided to have a go with it and it's going well, already. i have had more views on etsy in the two hours that it's been open than the two months plus that the shop has been opened. goes to show you about the power of handmade.

of course, the new shop had to have a new header, too.
slightly different than the website but just barely. i'm really getting into playing with the photoshop and making headers and logos. it's REALLY a lot of fun. oh my...when did i turn into such a techie nerd. oh, well...i'm going with that, too.

on another note, the family's been great. we are feeling really settled here and it's a settled that feels a little too comfortable. i have really come to terms with the move and feel dangerously comfortable to the point that i can get careless. the kind of careless that can rock my world. and what i'm referring to is theft. as beautiful and wonderful as it is living here that seems to be the biggest concern. it's unfortunate but something that the ex-pats have to be conscious of on a daily basis. so, just as i open our french doors and windows i have to make sure that everything is shut tight before we leave home. small price we have to pay to live the dream, i guess. 

and if you want to bring some of the dream home to you check out my new etsy shop!