all dressed up...

and ready for sale...this etsy thing has me very excited. I've had lots of exposure on my pictures and can't believe how many have chosen to heart my shop and some of my pics already. a couple of users even featured me as one of their treasures. it's all so flattering. i'm always so humbled when people like my work.

here are a few more that i've been working on...you may have recognized a few already if you been following me for awhile, with the exception of a new look.



a couple of shots from my travels through italy and I couldn't help to make them look a bit more vintage and aged. they feel timeless this way. dontcha think?


  1. very cool shots...hope you have a hapy 4th...can you get fireworks over there?

  2. @Brian-- no and the kids really missed them this year. WB was really sad. = (

  3. Hola Linda! Are you going to list your raindrops photo?? That's one of my all time faves!

  4. Love that fairground ride with the vintage vehicles - so much better than the plastic ladybird things we get here! x

  5. @ Forty...it's the quantest little parc in Collodi dedicated to Pinocchio. A Must in Tuscany if you have children.

    @ Random Asian Guy....because in my mind you are a guy....What are you saying???!!!!

  6. I LOVE your work! LOVE it!!!


Thank you.