I'm buried

under a mountain of pictures, once again. Difficult to find a starting point...So, I'll start here...

I turned 40 this past weekend. Yes, FORTY! It's a number that some people feel completely overwhelmed to turn but I can say that I LOVE IT!!!!! Am I strange? Is that weird? Oh, who cares!

I feel like I have a lot to accomplish and looking forward to all of it. I've left that twenty-something, thirty-something girl behind with all of her hang-ups, complaints and amazingly, overnight have become a full-fledge grown-up.

Now, a milestone like this doesn't go ignored in this family without some sort of celebration. We took a hour road trip to the town of Amalfi and sunbathed & boated like the natives. We spent the morning on a pebble beach situated on via Lungomare dei Cavalier, rented a boat and ate here.

Ristorante da Teresa is not only a great place to eat but a treat. You can get there by both land and sea and once there you can just rent chairs and an umbrella for  the rest of the day. It's much easier to get there by boat even with small children because by foot is a long climb down stairs. Once we were done we freshened up and took a five minute walk to downtown Amalfi for some gelato, of course.

There's something that comes with answering "I'm Forty" to the question "How old are you?"

I feel confident and centered. No, really. I had an unsettling feeling for awhile and it's not just my relocation but something that I couldn't put my finger on...THIS IS IT. I guess I have been shedding my old skin for this new one.

I love how it's slightly stretched, sun spotted and wrinkled.

{pictures taken with nikon D200, nikon 85mm, enhanced on Photoshop CS4}


  1. happy belated birthday! sounds like you had a great time and excellent pics...of course your boy but those rocks on the shore..nice.

  2. Happy birthday! I LOVED this post. I'm turning 30 next Sunday. And do not feel ready, but it's coming! I need some of what you're drinking :)

  3. With Brian on that rock pic, nice! And happy belated b-day and a hearty welcome to "Club 40" :)

    Shedding...yep. But then again, I'll always be a big kid, heh...


  4. @becca - thirty is great and you will be fabulous at it. My biggest aging advice, though....SPF moisturizer!

    @subby -- hello there stranger and thank you for the official Club 40 welcome! Now, if that isn't a good blog title, I don't know what is. Maybe, we have something there...hmmm...

  5. Happy belated ;o) Sounds like a wonderful day in a magical place. Cheers to feeling centered!

  6. p.s. Beautiful pics as always!

  7. my favorite is the diving one...he takes all the style from his mom...I would drop like a rock...

  8. Happy Birthday, Mamasita! If I look as fabulous as you when I'm 40, I would love saying it too!!! *muwah*

  9. Beautiful pictures ! Thanks for your comment. And by the way, I turned 41 last June and I just love it ! Enjoy ;o)


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