venice part one

While in venice, my shots were a record low. most NORMAL photographers probably ended their days with a sore shutter finger. not me...i thought i was being more thoughtful with the images and surely some are just that {like the first one}, however, honestly i was just in awe of its elegance. it has to be one the most spectacular cities on the planet. beauty was all around me and the images that i had seen so many times before in film or print were coming alive before my eyes. like the enormous Piazza San Marco with all its pigeons and cafes. San Marcos cathedral. the Grand Canal. Gondolas...oh, my.

So, my camera stayed by my side for most of our walks because venice is just so grand and i focused on capturing a feeling and its details. what i normally feel while walking through most of italy is what i felt while watching movie classics like Karina, with Sophia Loren and Clark Gable, or Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. a feeling of timelessness...my goal was to capture a feeling of nostalgia. which is why i chose to use more actions with these shots. in addition to, the fact that it was the middle of the day when the sun is the harshest and brightest and i'm revealing a big secret here... sometimes you can hide poorly lit conditions with actions, which is what i did with some of these. 

ciao, venezia

venice skyline

around the corner docked pretty facade

he's laughing at me

the ride you've been waiting for

i have more that i'm editing of venice, and paris, and rome, and sperlonga {a beach south of Rome} but who am i kidding it will take me a lifetime to do them all. so, for now i have these and my most favorite one....

Venetian Blue

Venetian Blue.

Venice was magnificent.

{pictures taken with nikon 200 & nikkor 24-70mm, leah's actions}


  1. oh wow. i so want to go...your shots are gorgeous...i like the odd shots too the masks are really cool...

  2. Me gusta el estilo fotográfico del blog, felicitaciones!

    Saludos desde Argentina! José

    PD: estuve en Nápoles en el año '97, me gustó mucho.

  3. Once again, GORGEOUS pics!!! I feel as if I was there with you!!

  4. It makes me so want to go back to Venice. Of all the places I went, I was surprised Venice was my favorite. It felt like I was home...4 days of walking those alleys and sitting on the canals, visiting the Adriatic (I stayed on the Lido)..it was heaven...you are right; it was hard to take pictures, almost, because every step is a thing of beauty...

  5. Venice is wonderful and your pictures are too. I can't wait to go back there next year to the art bienale.


Thank you.