venice part two

a gondola ride, a courtyard & an alley

gondola docked

gondola ride, venice, italy

nina on gondala

cory on gondola



Second and final of part of venice. In a recent conversation with a friend about my trip to venice, she asked me how much i liked it. I replied, "I loved it" of course. Her follow up questions was, "Did you take a gondala ride?" My response..."Well, YES! Who wouldn't!" 

To my surprise, quite a few. She later told me that most people don't because of one reason or another the expense. Those that did have a ride, LOVED their trip and those that didn't, thought that Venice was just okay. Just okay...well, that's just sad. 

My personal advice, if you're considering a trip to Europe have the full experience. Like when in Venice, get on a gondola or when in Holland, try on a pair of wooden shoes and see some windmills. This is my second chance to travel through Europe and I'm doing it just like the first. Taking it all in and seizing every opportunity. I will admit it's more challenging this time around with the kids. Half of the experience of traveling IS doing some of the cheesy or cliche things for the sake of getting the complete experience. They may feel "touristy" or fake but just remember that some of those very same "touristy" things hold hundreds of years of history and you're taking a slice of it home with you. So, just do it! 

Now, about our experience on the gondola. My first response was..."Wonder Boy, no problem but what are we doing getting a toddler and a preschooler on the boat?" You should have seen some of the expressions on people's faces while we were boarding. I'll have to say that the driver was a bit shocked, too. But, I quickly shook my initial response off, ignored the stares and said to myself, "sister, this is your chance...GET ON!!!!!" I'm so glad we did. Frankly, this is my adventure and if I continue to wait for the right or perfect time to do this or that, it will be gone. I will admit that Military Man and I are definitely the more adventurous type. Not many people would consider backpacking through Europe with a toddler on their backs, but why not? Our first gondola ride experience may not have been as romantic as others but its ours.

{pictures taken with nikon d200, 24-70mm lens, natural light, leah's actions}


  1. ph i would love to go...and to ride in a gondola...great snaps...nice one of MM with the kids...

  2. we really enjoyed venice! such amazing history preserved. we didn't do the gondola, and we're ok with that. i was just so happy and satisfied to be walking around THERE! i love seeing your photos and knowing i was just there not too long ago :)

  3. It is ours indeed honey...I must say the hotel you found was magnificent...I wish that Lucia remembers more than what I think she will when she is older...Cory will remember a lot...little Nina is just along for the ride on my back...we will comeback to Venice very soon...off to Germany next...MM

  4. Great job on exposing the kids to as many different memorable experiences as possible!! I can't believe how big they're getting!! Ciao Bella!

  5. Lovely lovely lovely! Your pictures are fantastic! I look forward to following you!


Thank you.