back to school, a vacation & a giveaway!

It's been crazy busy around here. We have been preparing for back to school for both wonder kids and me. I've decided to get back to school and work on a master's. The opportunity to get started was too good to pass up.

So, here i am... Just when i have all the cuties off to school or preschool, I'll be studying hard. My original thought was to savor the personal space, tour around this region and study italian but i'll be doing this plus hitting the books. 

With all this activity going on we have one last trip to round off our summer...Corfu, Greece .The suitcase is nearly packed. We're excited to get on that ferry with some of our favorite people and celebrate the beginning of a new school year. Or in the children's case...mourn the end of summer.

Saying that, I wanted to pass this along to you. I've noticed that there are quite a few new followers and subscribers to my little space and wanted to welcome you, as well as, thank all my loyal readers for joining my travel adventures. THANK YOU!!!

Please feel free to download the september calendar to print, use as desk top calendar or however you wish. Click on the picture and it will take you to my new just liza {download} account where you can easily take the picture for your personal use. But please don't be a CAD and take the credit for yourself. Remember that Supreme Beings are watching and that Karma can be a nasty girl!

Thank YOU!


{picture taken in sperlonga, italy}


verona, part two: how we travel

As we travel along with kids in tow, I usually am the one left behind while the two of them catch up on soccer, video games or tips on how to deal with friends or his sisters. It's never a glamorous shot but a memory worth archiving.

Traveling with a child in a backpack, stroller and one walking fast enough to catch up with us is never what I imagined when we decided to move to Italy. However, it's our reality. It's tough at times and a bit discouraging. We've had to pass up on several great adventures. We could have arranged for  a sitter and escaped for a few days of mommy and daddy time but politely have said, "no."

There's something to be said about doing it your own way and having those memories to revisit sometime in the future with them. I know what I'll remember as I snap and journal along the way.  Those sweet little faces in far away places.


a stop in verona, part one

We were like the thousands of romantics who flocked the Capulet home to feel just one degree of separation of the most famous star-crossed lovers. It was a welcome stop on our trip to Germany. Verona is such an enchanting little town with its own City sight-seeing tour bus (for those of you like to ride and listen to history). However, we chose to walk it for ourselves and experience it from the ground up.

"For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."
juliets graffiti
we went. we admired. we scribbled

I just wish we came better prepared for the wall. If we knew, we would have brought a Sharpie. I, now, have one in my camera bag.

next post: Verona, part two

{equipment used: Nikon d200, nikon 85mm, Photoshop Actions by Leah}


garmisch, finale : a hike through town

A bike-ride through a few neighboring towns to Eisen lake in Germany lead to a car-ride to Eisen lake in Germany. Those hills and the previous' day bike-ride to town killed me. MM is so sweet and patient. He was so anxious to get some exercise through Germany but I pooped out on him, instead. We did make it through two towns away and the ride downhill was great. 

Once at Eisen lake you are in awe at its size and the clarity of the water. The lake is basically a reservoir that sits not nearly at the bottom of the Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, but in a valley with trails around the perimeter. If you're feeling even more adventurous you can hike through the forest, too. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I recommend packing some munchies and making a whole day of it. You can take advantage of the great little beaches and boats you can rent hourly. 

MM and I ended up hiking for about an hour with our youngest, stopping along the way to play in the water and climb on some rocks for a few family snaps. Later, we ate at a quaint restaurant by the lake for a quick bite to eat before picking up the wonder kids from camp.

It was a wonderful work-cation at the Edelweiss Resort & Lodge in the end. I got my R & R and the offspring got a taste of camp. Finally, MM and I got some alone time. Yep, we're looking forward to our trip back in December. 

{equipment used, nikon d200, nikon 85mm, and leah's actions, again}

next post... A Stop in Verona


garmisch, parte deux


i'm not feeling especially wordy today just wanted to share more pics of the recent trip to Germany. Do you feel like you've seen the castle on the hilltop before? Let me give you a little hint...

it's a small world afterall...
Yes, even Walt Disney himself found inspiration in his travels abroad. 
It's Neuschwanstein Castle built but not finished by King Ludwig, II 

so from the top...
1. a view from Neuschwanstein Castle 2. farmhouse 3. Castle (front view) 4. Castle (rear view) 
5. cute little german girl anxious to show off her goats

the end...

{camera used nikon d200, nikonn 85mm, processed on PhotoShop CS4 with leah's actions}

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guten tag.

Yes, we're on the road again. This time to Garmisch, Germany for a work-ation. Military Man is working and we're playing. Decided to take a little time away from everybody to play with this image a bit. I took this while on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle. The cows almost look like toys, don't you think?

Well, we're all doing are own thing. MM is working, the kids are in camp and I'm just relaxing. Getting a little taste of what life's going to be like when school starts...yikes...did i just say that? By the way, I like what I'm tasting. I'm not going to lie...after almost a decade of toddlers in the household I'm looking forward to some alone time. YES!

In the meantime, enjoy your summer and it's peaceful rhythm. Those little guys are...mooooo.

{camera used nikon d200, nikon 85mm, edited on iphoto and picnik}