garmisch, finale : a hike through town

A bike-ride through a few neighboring towns to Eisen lake in Germany lead to a car-ride to Eisen lake in Germany. Those hills and the previous' day bike-ride to town killed me. MM is so sweet and patient. He was so anxious to get some exercise through Germany but I pooped out on him, instead. We did make it through two towns away and the ride downhill was great. 

Once at Eisen lake you are in awe at its size and the clarity of the water. The lake is basically a reservoir that sits not nearly at the bottom of the Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, but in a valley with trails around the perimeter. If you're feeling even more adventurous you can hike through the forest, too. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I recommend packing some munchies and making a whole day of it. You can take advantage of the great little beaches and boats you can rent hourly. 

MM and I ended up hiking for about an hour with our youngest, stopping along the way to play in the water and climb on some rocks for a few family snaps. Later, we ate at a quaint restaurant by the lake for a quick bite to eat before picking up the wonder kids from camp.

It was a wonderful work-cation at the Edelweiss Resort & Lodge in the end. I got my R & R and the offspring got a taste of camp. Finally, MM and I got some alone time. Yep, we're looking forward to our trip back in December. 

{equipment used, nikon d200, nikon 85mm, and leah's actions, again}

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  1. I used to live in Ulmen, which wasn't too far from the Mosel river. Hiking with or without bikes was one of the better things to do :)

    Great header photo...!

  2. Just thinkin' if you two ever get the chance ( assuming you've not done so yet ), you can go picking the wine grapes along the Mosel or Rhine ;)

  3. that first pic of the path is marvelous...gets me thinking...sounds like a fun time....i am taking th eboys hiking today....

  4. the best part of the bike ride was watching you enjoy taking the pictures...next time will have snow...I hope for the kids...great pictures honey...

  5. first time here...very lovely photos. very inspiring!

  6. Hello to you!
    You have very beautiful pictures in here blog :)

  7. Lovely pictures and blog. I'm following now!

  8. you have three blogs i didnt know which to visit!
    but this blog is great. you are totally living the perfect life. love the photos!

  9. beautiful shots, Liza! Garmisch is a pretty little town. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. What a pretty and lovely blog you have...wow and thank you for the visit and your sweet comment :-)

    It sounds like you had a great walk and your pics are just wonderful!!!

    I´m now a new and excited follower :-)

    Happy day




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