garmisch, parte deux


i'm not feeling especially wordy today just wanted to share more pics of the recent trip to Germany. Do you feel like you've seen the castle on the hilltop before? Let me give you a little hint...

it's a small world afterall...
Yes, even Walt Disney himself found inspiration in his travels abroad. 
It's Neuschwanstein Castle built but not finished by King Ludwig, II 

so from the top...
1. a view from Neuschwanstein Castle 2. farmhouse 3. Castle (front view) 4. Castle (rear view) 
5. cute little german girl anxious to show off her goats

the end...

{camera used nikon d200, nikonn 85mm, processed on PhotoShop CS4 with leah's actions}

...next post Garmisch, part three


  1. love the architecture...we so want to visit germany at some point...i have for years...

    and cute pic of the little one...smiles.

  2. WOW, these are AWESOME honey...you need to take the picture of the castle from the suspended bridge!!!

  3. @brain...first, you're welcome and second, I think you'll love Germany.

  4. Ooooh, that castle pic............!!!!!

  5. so happy you got to see the castle! we never made it there, can you believe that?! had plans to the week before we left but in the end we just felt like sticking close to home. gorgeous photos! xox.

  6. Hey, I was just there a month or so ago! Did you hike up to the top? It was rough. You took some great shots of it though. :)

  7. @Jules, The castle is Dreamy.
    @Toni -- That's too bad. You would have loved it. But I understand about savoring the comforts of home.
    @bailey -- we did make it to the top. The hike was well worth it.

  8. Liza-
    I just discovered your blog...wow! Your photos are gorgeous. Looking forward to reading and seeing more!
    -Stacey :-)

  9. Again - amazing pictures!
    I'll be sure to follow your travels from now on :)


Thank you.