guten tag.

Yes, we're on the road again. This time to Garmisch, Germany for a work-ation. Military Man is working and we're playing. Decided to take a little time away from everybody to play with this image a bit. I took this while on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle. The cows almost look like toys, don't you think?

Well, we're all doing are own thing. MM is working, the kids are in camp and I'm just relaxing. Getting a little taste of what life's going to be like when school starts...yikes...did i just say that? By the way, I like what I'm tasting. I'm not going to lie...after almost a decade of toddlers in the household I'm looking forward to some alone time. YES!

In the meantime, enjoy your summer and it's peaceful rhythm. Those little guys are...mooooo.

{camera used nikon d200, nikon 85mm, edited on iphoto and picnik}


  1. nice pic...sounds like everyone is having fun..our youngest will go to school this year as well...so i know what you are saying...time passes so fast...

  2. this place has phenomenal picture taking locations...it is peaceful...great picture honey...keep them coming..MM

  3. They look exactly like the cows I had in my toy farm set! Enjoy your time there! x

  4. Looks quite peaceful ... Wish you a good time there ;o)

  5. thank you for the warm comment yesterday...smiles.


Thank you.