a stop in verona, part one

We were like the thousands of romantics who flocked the Capulet home to feel just one degree of separation of the most famous star-crossed lovers. It was a welcome stop on our trip to Germany. Verona is such an enchanting little town with its own City sight-seeing tour bus (for those of you like to ride and listen to history). However, we chose to walk it for ourselves and experience it from the ground up.

"For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."
juliets graffiti
we went. we admired. we scribbled

I just wish we came better prepared for the wall. If we knew, we would have brought a Sharpie. I, now, have one in my camera bag.

next post: Verona, part two

{equipment used: Nikon d200, nikon 85mm, Photoshop Actions by Leah}


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  2. My favorite picture for this trip is the castle...I can't believe I am the first one to post this time...

  3. nice pics. love that wall...so did the two of you add your names?

  4. @Brian -- we did but we had to scribble our names with a ball point pen. That's why we needed the sharpie. Next time, for sure.

  5. Amazinh photos!
    I envy your talent!


  6. Hi Liza!
    I love your photos because are so sensitive...

  7. Thanks for passing by.
    You've got a lovely blog. I found it very evoquing.
    keep enjoying summer,

  8. so glad you stopped by my blog. Yours is oh so lovely.

  9. beautiful inspiring shots... and thanks for the visit!

    xo Laura

  10. Thanks for being a follower..
    Romeo and Juliet...so romantic.

    Have a nice day


  11. Liza, thanks for your comment/encouragement. What a lovely little corner of the blogging world you occupy. Your images are timeless. And I love that you live in Italy so I can vicariously live through your images. Love that "Words to Shoot By" link. What a wonderful idea and project. Just tried to "follow" you but alas it is giving me an error message telling me to "come back later".
    I definitely will. :)
    God Bless,

  12. Oh, what lovely pictures!
    Can almost imagine Romeo and Juliet in these places <3


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