verona, part two: how we travel

As we travel along with kids in tow, I usually am the one left behind while the two of them catch up on soccer, video games or tips on how to deal with friends or his sisters. It's never a glamorous shot but a memory worth archiving.

Traveling with a child in a backpack, stroller and one walking fast enough to catch up with us is never what I imagined when we decided to move to Italy. However, it's our reality. It's tough at times and a bit discouraging. We've had to pass up on several great adventures. We could have arranged for  a sitter and escaped for a few days of mommy and daddy time but politely have said, "no."

There's something to be said about doing it your own way and having those memories to revisit sometime in the future with them. I know what I'll remember as I snap and journal along the way.  Those sweet little faces in far away places.


  1. smiles. they do add so much to the adventure...and i love to hear their take on it...

    the boys did wonderfully in school yesterday...logan did not even want to come home afterwards, he was having so much fun with his friends....

  2. That is the most beautiful picture!!!!! My heart is melting! Have a lovely Wednesday! xoxo Kristin

  3. And since I am so interested in photography and travel it is a pleasure to follow along!!! :)

  4. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!!!!

  5. ummmm, your kids are so beautiful. Your son's hair is AWESOME. I love it. It is so....Italian.

  6. @ B -- I'm so glad all survived!!!!! It so much better when they don't want to leave.

    @Kristin -- I'm so glad you are following now. I hope you like our travels.

    @Jules -- Thanks. How are things at school? I haven't had time to comment on your new tour but I'm so curious to see where this goes.

    @ Laura -- thanks you, too.

    @ Tracey -- if you think his hair is italian, you should see him in his little italian swim trunks. It so stinkin' cute.

  7. I have many dreams and you are living one of them! I often fantasize about packing my family up and moving us to Florence. Some of my most precious memories are from time spent in Italy.

  8. those kids are so darling. great photograph, i love the light on their hair.

  9. Oh my... what a lovely place to visit (and thanks for visiting me recently).

    I have too many pictures to count of my hubby/daughter's rear view as they walk/run ahead of me. Never have had to travel with three little ones - you are intrepid! (and obviously much more young and energetic than me).



Thank you.