i'm thinking of you...really.

It seems that life has gone from coasting to roller coasting. However, I have managed to keep calm and write on...academically that is. A different kind of writing altogether. Writing here is so easy even if finding the time is not. As I was handing the professor my papers, she could see the fear in my eyes. But it didn't stop her from plastering graffiti over mine. Red is quickly becoming my least favorite color.

Well, it seems that the last place I left you was the night before the first day of school. Yes, I was a sappy mess for the first two weeks. The house is empty for a good portion of the day. The silence kills me but the school work is keeping my mind occupied. Oh...and there's always Italy...The greatest distraction! The school work is stifling my creativity, though. I'm hoping that time will show me how to make room for it all. Maybe, not as prolific over here but I'm hoping the quality will be just as good or if not better. The new challenges are giving me a different perspective and forcing me to give procrastination a piece of my mind.

Wondergirl & boy did wonderfully on their first weeks of school. And if you're wondering about the the little one...she's loving preschool. Too much if you ask me.

post script: I'm really annoyed how the new blogger upload is slightly changing the quality of the pictures. They were never this dark. Hope this gets ironed out soon. 


Sappy mom alert! Abort! Abort!


barely five

growing dreaming wondering

of her first day of


[*sigh of a melancholy mom] it's wondergirl's first day, tomorrow. wish us luck. Lord, knows i can use it. my thoughts are everywhere of her. it's hard to describe how i feel about not having her ALL to myself until next summer. i'm not too keen about sharing my girl. i just hope that the day is everything she deserves.

as i'm thinking of her as her day unfolds, this song will continue to play in my head. it pops into my head every time i see her play with her things at home. Enjoy! I'm being such a sappy mommy, I know. oh well, you can deal.

Now, I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine and a good night's sleep, hopefully. [fingers-crossed]