back to school, a vacation & a giveaway!

It's been crazy busy around here. We have been preparing for back to school for both wonder kids and me. I've decided to get back to school and work on a master's. The opportunity to get started was too good to pass up.

So, here i am... Just when i have all the cuties off to school or preschool, I'll be studying hard. My original thought was to savor the personal space, tour around this region and study italian but i'll be doing this plus hitting the books. 

With all this activity going on we have one last trip to round off our summer...Corfu, Greece .The suitcase is nearly packed. We're excited to get on that ferry with some of our favorite people and celebrate the beginning of a new school year. Or in the children's case...mourn the end of summer.

Saying that, I wanted to pass this along to you. I've noticed that there are quite a few new followers and subscribers to my little space and wanted to welcome you, as well as, thank all my loyal readers for joining my travel adventures. THANK YOU!!!

Please feel free to download the september calendar to print, use as desk top calendar or however you wish. Click on the picture and it will take you to my new just liza {download} account where you can easily take the picture for your personal use. But please don't be a CAD and take the credit for yourself. Remember that Supreme Beings are watching and that Karma can be a nasty girl!

Thank YOU!


{picture taken in sperlonga, italy}


  1. Incredible picture !!! I love it ! I also fell for beach supply a few years ago in Spain ... It's sooo playful and happy ... Enjoy Corfou ! I've not been there yet but dream to go. I'll watch your pictures closely ;o)

  2. Oh my god, what an incredible picture! How is that even possible?

    And a lovely calendar <3

  3. what a fun picture...thanks for the calendar page...so what will you be studying? hope back to school went well...

  4. Liza - it was great talking to you the other day and yes - I agree with you, we need to talk more often. I want to get a camera for my computer so that we can see each other when we skpe. Did you know that skye was a verb? Hee hee. I LOVE THE PICTURE...it is hilarious.

    I am very proud of you and miss you lots. Have fun and keep studying hard. :)


  5. Absolutely love the photo - thanks so much for sharing! It's on my desktop already ;o)

  6. What a fabulous photo...thanks so much for the download! I do hope you enjoy your trip to Greece. It sounds absolutely delightful. I'm jealous. ♥

  7. Have a great trip and eats of yummy things for me! Looking forward to the pics!

  8. Just discovered your blog - I love it! Congrats on starting on a master's, and congrats on handing out this superb picture.

  9. Hope Corfu is fantastic for you all! We went to Athens then the island of Spetses while we were there and just loved it. The island is magical and a fantastic place to go with kiddos. I will have to pass the info to you. It is a short ferry ride from Athens and I swear we were the first Americans to go. Good luck with school. We must chat about what you will be studying. Looks like we will be heading out of here soon and starting a new Washington DC adventure. Buona Fortuna bella! baci per tutti. xoxox

  10. Hi Liza. I just found your blog through the Gypsy Girl's Guide tribe page. And your space is fantastic. Love it here!

    peace & love

  11. such an awesome photo!! love it.

  12. This is a fantastic photograph. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. bellissima foto!
    buffa e anche un po' malinconica!


Thank you.