Burano, originally uploaded by Peter Bardell.

I'm reporting to you as a tired but very happy girl from our cozy b& b in Venice. We just finished our day trips to the neighboring islands of murano and burano and they were spectacular. Did i forget to mention that we were planning a trip to Venice. Well, it was a surprise to me, too. Military man just decided on father's day that he wanted to go and to help him make it happen. So, i did...i'm a good wifey that way. i never imagined that i would love venice so much even with the large number of tourists around me. But even among the masses you can feel like you're the only one in the streets. Then, one of the little ones screech and i'm back out of la la land and helping to diffuse a small fire.

Even with our little fires here and there, i can say that we all love it, the little ones have been entertained with the glass blowers, parks, the waterways and daddy's new video camera for all the home movies he likes to take. but it's been boy wonder who's been most interested in our new toy. this truly is one of the most magnificent cities i have seen and the people are amongst the most happy i've encountered...lovely and friendly.

more to come...oops, the fire alarm just went off...


to all the Mother Fathers out there! Word!!

so, I'm sure that many of you have met the sienna family but i just was introduced to them...toyota was brilliant to come up with this marketing masterpiece. made me laugh and miss my odyssey.

happy father's day for all the dad's pimpin a cool 'mini'



we can taste it...

summer that is. we can also feel it, smell, & see it. our senses are heightened and as the school year for wonder boy comes to an end, we have summer camps, pool time, sun and surf and a little reading to catch up on. 

i hope all this planning doesn't become a drag.


I'm still here.

Yes, I'm still here plugging away at the computer but these days it's been on a new website to showcase the photography. I've been less creative and more techinical and it's has me a bit worn out. I had found a great site that was giving me everything I wanted AND extremely easy to use. After two days and an all nighter, yes, can you believe it...an all nighter! I had uploaded almost all of the pics and my personal info without a hitch. Then this morning the bubble burst. I CAN NOT ACCESS MY GALLERY, THE WEBSITE, or any other photographers related to this website. It's not all gone. I just can't get to it.

The site had great customer service, which, responded right away and gave me some tips but still nothing. So, after all that hard work I think I have to find a new host and site.  The customer service rep could access it, military man view it from work (MM could see it because they work on US servers.) It's an Italy thing. A problem i've encountered before but much earlier in the game. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have this problem. But since I don't want to change things over, just yet. I'm giving it the weekend to sort out...check it out here and tell me what you think. I had figured out Photoshop CS4, finally, to create my new logo and I really love it. I'm pretty proud of it.

Here's a preview. Maybe I should get into logo design? Any-takers?

Don't forget to check me out and drop me a comment. I sound pitiful don't I...? I just need a cyber hug...heeelllppp!