flower child

Lucy is my flower child. She's always stopping to smell flowers, pick them and gather them (literally), which I suppose shows her true spirit...a dreamer, romantic, an idealist. I hope that we can keep encouraging this even during the most inconvenient times...like traffic. She will make us stop at roundabouts if she could to pick pansies. It's sweet.

I had a great time following her this day. It was the perfect start of baseball season on base. We were going for a walk around the park until this field of flowers stopped her in her tracks and of course I was in heaven. I thought this will be great for the mantel!!! The wonderbaby was camera shy this day and I really wasn't in the mood to push her into a posed picture. Instead, choosing for the shots to come alive in front of the camera...these are my favorites kinds of shoots...a breezy day, light and playful mood and our imaginations.

That's us...always thinking and dreaming and wishing.



The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping...and i'm slowly coming out of hibernation.