Sailing and sunsets

Have you ever been to a place and expected it to be fantastic? Did it ever exceed your expectations? Lake Como had that effect on me. We spent a spectacular Easter Sunday with family at the lake. I never imagined that it would be so beautiful....not only was it beautiful...it was serene...just bliss. I suppose most lakeside communities have that feeling. This one felt extremely special. I'm still a little star-struck with Italy's beauty. Yes, star-struck. That's the best way i can describe how i feel about most of italy and europe. This is the Italy that I have been watching and expecting to see. The Hollywood knockout. She's a classic.

The sunset was spectacular on Easter Sunday. We made it to lake Como with our family that made the trip over the pond to see us. We hadn't seen MM's parents in over a year. The wonder pack (and us, too) were so happy to have their Abi & Abu all to themselves. Wonder boy and girl were loving all the attention but the baby took some time to warm up to them. When she did...they felt like they won the biggest jackpot. Their two weeks here flew by and it left us just enough time to recoup for our second round of visitors. We have been thrilled.

Thoughts about the pictures...bare with me i'm feeling a little melancholy. As a photographer, the subconscious really does take over most of the time. At least it does for me. I guess my mind was telling me that we are like those ships that passed each other on the lake. Two happy families spending and sharing the beauty of italy until there was one...again.

Boy...was that sentimental...I guess I'm feeling a little homesick.

Happy weekend, tutti!