fashionable friday

This would be a cute ensemble to wear for the trip back to the states. I'll have to work on the jeans. The shoes and jewelry I can find at my favorite market. The orange Hermes Birkin...well...my simple orange bag will have to do. I think, I'd rather keep the children's college fund in tact. 

So, where are your travels taking you?


more from our walk

Yesterday's inspiration motivated me to dig deeper into these pictures and post other moments to remember and share. We rarely get the opportunity to escape by ourselves even just for a walk. We were thrilled to have a few stolen moments.

We spent a fantastic memorial day weekend with a group of friends in quiet Sperlonga beach, two hours south of Rome and one hour North of Naples. It's a quaint beach community with just the right amount of things to do. If you ever visit Rome, I suggest renting a car and making your way there. Driving  Italian highways are not what you think. The highways are fantastic, safe, full of many rest stops (Autogrill) and signs are easy to read. The drive will seem effortless but make sure your rental includes a navigation system. Also, makes any road trip much easier.


picture inspiration: heart

I've joined this creative community a while ago. Unfortunately, I've neglected it because other things have distracted me. Surprise!

The idea behind it is to challenge you creatively with a theme, to later post it on one's blog and the community page. This past week was heart {or last week, I can't remember}. But whatever the case, this is my contribution.

A lovely little vongole {mussel} washed ashore that we came across on a rare quiet stroll, just MM and I.

Maybe, King Neptune was trying to tell us something.


it's serious, folks.

Have you noticed that I have a favicon and a new domain name? A favicon is that logo you see to the left of a blog title on the windows tab. {look up and notice the LB in yellow next to Lizabee & co.} I made mine using Photoshop and saved it as a 16 x 16 pixel image. I chose initials but you can use an image.

Here are the easy peasey steps:

1. Choose an image or make your own and save it as a 16 x 16 or 20 x 20 pixels image. You can do that on flickr or Picnik. Both are free you just have to create an account.

2. Sign in to Blogger in Draft using your usual username and password. It takes you to a new and sleeker version of Blogger where the developers test run the newer functions. I've actually been using it as my primary "log in" page, just so I'm current with all the new features.

3. Find your blog, click on it and click on the Layout function. You should see the favicon field at the top with the orange Blogger "B" logo. Click on Edit and upload your image.

4. There you have it! You've just personalized your blog and created a brand for yourself. Pretty cool, huh?

Second, I'm publishing under the new domain name lizabeeandcompany.com. Another extremely simple process. First, Sign into Blogger or Blogger in Draft.

If you're using Blogger, under the Settings tab, click on to Publishing. On this page you can check the availability of the domain name you want to assign your blog and purchase it from Blogger for $10/year. It's that easy.

The same goes after logging into Blogger in Draft. Immediately, under the Settings tab you'll see the option to "+Add a domain name". Again, you'll check for availability, purchase it from Blogger and all your users will be directed to your blog under the new name.

There you have it; two simple ways of branding your blog without breaking the bank and doing it yourself. Okay that's enough techie talk for one post. Tune in next time for the regularly scheduled randomness of Lizabee & co.


photo-booth confessionals ™

I'm beginning to feel like I'm selling myself out with my photography. I have prided myself for a long time to keeping things authentic, however, lately I've been overprocessing my images. Actually, i have been stumped over this creatively because of the time wasted over learning new tricks with processing. In addition to, feeling guilty for having all this great equipment and preferring "lo-fi" images to the "high-fi" ones. That would explain my absence here and on flickr. Too much time has been wasted on looking into new ways to "show off" my images.

Let just say, i detest the guilt to have to do more. I just spent lots of time looking over other natural-light photographers and drooling over the life and emotions they are capturing. Then comparing images that i took, let's say a year or so ago, to some of the work i'm doing today. i'll have to say that i captured moments of life much better, then. The images were much better when i walked around with my nifty fifty times two around my neck (or close by) and clicked away. I got sucked into the better lenses, editors, actions, and so-on and it's making me crazy. I think it might be time to down-size.

Albeit, the recent backdrops have been spectacular but lacking....lacking....wonder. Here's a prime example...the sailboats i took in Lake Como over easter weekend. the natural light was breathtaking...that's why i put the camera to my eye to begin with...because it was magical all on its own. And yet, i felt the need to add more. That's so true in a lot that we do. We (i mean people) talk about doing less and not having to do more and yet we feel compelled to do more, anyways.

So, here's to doing less and enjoying more!

If you're interested in viewing the original pic, go to my flickr.


we just got a little lighter

No, this isn't some marvelous insight on how a great diet plan has help me get back into my size 8 jeans, comfortably. In fact, it's about moving. Our first round of the process ended today. Military families are allowed an "express" move, aka unaccompanied move, before the entire household is boxed up, labeled and crated to the next duty station. That's so you can have some basic articles, waiting for you, {in theory} to use while the entire household goods shipment arrives.

The express move ended today but I have been purging for weeks and by that I mean getting rid of all the excess baggage that I've been carrying with us for almost 14 years. There were boxes of memories, books and enough souvenirs to fill a gift shop. In addition to, clothes outgrown by both the wonder kids and me.  You know clothes that I swear I was going to get into "one day". 

Now, my favorite {insert sarcasm here} were MM's old calculus notebooks from his freshmen year in college. He swears that he'll use them to review formulas for his future homework help sessions with the kids. Dozens of carloads later our load has gotten lighter and the boxes, God willing, will be much less on the receiving end. 

One thing that I hated the most about purging were the toys. Many parents knock the electronic video games and xboxes, wii's, etc, but let me tell you what....It beats all the hundreds of Polly Pockets, Barbie, plastic kitchen food who-haas that I had to sift through, yesterday. An entire day was spent figuring out what to do with a centimeter size plastic shoe to a doll that had been long gone. Oh, it was a labor of love. By hour three, I was ready to open an extra large hefty sack and practice some three pointers and blame the movers for sending then to Thailand when the girls realized that everything went missing. 

Don't worry folks, I didn't. It'll feel like Christmas, again, when they open up the moving boxes...and thanks to me much less of them.


new ideas

so, now that I'm in full moving mode...I'm thinking ahead. Being that I have thousands of great images from our two years in Europe, I'm looking for great ideas to showcase them.  This one has me really excited. It's so creative and since our temporary home in west palm will have a minimalist vibe, this will add some warmth and personality to the space. In addition to a Euro flair.

We've never lived with the bare minimum for a long period of time but it's something I'm looking forward to do very much. Less is more, right?

{image is courtesy IGnant: an exhibition by Danish artist Monja Gentschow}


a little update

Coo-Coo for summer . I just finished an internship and another term. The kids have enjoyed two weeks of summer camp but that's come to an end. Now, we're being lazy and soaking up every bit of summer. This may be news to you but we're on our last few months in Italy. Our three year term has been shorten to less than two which has left us a little coo-coo. We've been scrambling to get things done, packed and prepared for our big moves....first, for an extended visit back to our hometown and second, to our next duty station...HAWAII!! [insert ukulele songs] 

Aloha! We can't believe it ourselves but we're getting excited for the next three years. I will admit that I'm very sad to leave Italy. Europe is my favorite continent on earth and living in Italy has been a dream. I love the culture and the environment and will be dreaming of my days here for years to come. For now, we've prepared and planned our dates for pack out, farewell with friends and our last italian vacations. We thank God for the opportunity to be here and pray that we can return.

Happy Fourth my US amici. Ciao for now!