fashionable friday

This would be a cute ensemble to wear for the trip back to the states. I'll have to work on the jeans. The shoes and jewelry I can find at my favorite market. The orange Hermes Birkin...well...my simple orange bag will have to do. I think, I'd rather keep the children's college fund in tact. 

So, where are your travels taking you?


  1. nice...fam is traveling to the in laws this weekend while i work...went to indiana for a wedding...still trying to get to vacation...

  2. I need to find the "orange Hermes Birkin"!!!!

  3. As you make your way back to the states, I bring my life to Europe :) I am such a simple traveler, I need to be in comfy clothes-sweats/leggings and a comfy t-shirt

  4. I have been so absent from visiting my list of blogs. What fun to come here and realize that you are on Pinterest too. Must go there now and find you. Hope your trip to the states was/is fun!

  5. smiles. hope you and the fam are well...thanks for stopping in tonight!


Thank you.