it's serious, folks.

Have you noticed that I have a favicon and a new domain name? A favicon is that logo you see to the left of a blog title on the windows tab. {look up and notice the LB in yellow next to Lizabee & co.} I made mine using Photoshop and saved it as a 16 x 16 pixel image. I chose initials but you can use an image.

Here are the easy peasey steps:

1. Choose an image or make your own and save it as a 16 x 16 or 20 x 20 pixels image. You can do that on flickr or Picnik. Both are free you just have to create an account.

2. Sign in to Blogger in Draft using your usual username and password. It takes you to a new and sleeker version of Blogger where the developers test run the newer functions. I've actually been using it as my primary "log in" page, just so I'm current with all the new features.

3. Find your blog, click on it and click on the Layout function. You should see the favicon field at the top with the orange Blogger "B" logo. Click on Edit and upload your image.

4. There you have it! You've just personalized your blog and created a brand for yourself. Pretty cool, huh?

Second, I'm publishing under the new domain name lizabeeandcompany.com. Another extremely simple process. First, Sign into Blogger or Blogger in Draft.

If you're using Blogger, under the Settings tab, click on to Publishing. On this page you can check the availability of the domain name you want to assign your blog and purchase it from Blogger for $10/year. It's that easy.

The same goes after logging into Blogger in Draft. Immediately, under the Settings tab you'll see the option to "+Add a domain name". Again, you'll check for availability, purchase it from Blogger and all your users will be directed to your blog under the new name.

There you have it; two simple ways of branding your blog without breaking the bank and doing it yourself. Okay that's enough techie talk for one post. Tune in next time for the regularly scheduled randomness of Lizabee & co.


  1. nice...got the domain name but had no idea what a favicon is...very cool.

  2. Your favicon is cool and I like your domain name. I think I bought my domain almost 3 years ago. It just seemed so cheap and such a deal that I could not pass up. I think I have bought 3 of my domains and should probably copyright Mrsupole since it is a made up name. But I have seen where I think somewhere in Italy there is a Mr. Supole. I think he is on FB. Imagine my surprise at seeing this. And the Mrsupole was just a fluke that happened. I was supposed to have two "p's" in it but wordpress would not let me use it. It kept changing it to one "p". Not sure why because it let me do it a few months later, but now it won't let me again. I just gave up. Mrsupole with one "p" is how it will stay.

    The favicon is up in the upper left of your computer screen and is just before the "http" of one's domain address. If you visit my site you will see it as the orange B for blogger. Or it is on our sidebars and also just before one's name when one writes a comment. You can change it, even if you do not own the domain.

    God bless.


Thank you.