a little update

Coo-Coo for summer . I just finished an internship and another term. The kids have enjoyed two weeks of summer camp but that's come to an end. Now, we're being lazy and soaking up every bit of summer. This may be news to you but we're on our last few months in Italy. Our three year term has been shorten to less than two which has left us a little coo-coo. We've been scrambling to get things done, packed and prepared for our big moves....first, for an extended visit back to our hometown and second, to our next duty station...HAWAII!! [insert ukulele songs] 

Aloha! We can't believe it ourselves but we're getting excited for the next three years. I will admit that I'm very sad to leave Italy. Europe is my favorite continent on earth and living in Italy has been a dream. I love the culture and the environment and will be dreaming of my days here for years to come. For now, we've prepared and planned our dates for pack out, farewell with friends and our last italian vacations. We thank God for the opportunity to be here and pray that we can return.

Happy Fourth my US amici. Ciao for now!


  1. Hi Liza,

    Gosh, I have been so remiss in visiting due to lots and lots of problems and things going on. First for the longest time blogger would not let me leave comments, months of that, then busy with the wittle wee ones and then could not get on the internet at all.

    So slowly trying to play catch up and I seem to be catching up with one blog a night. I go back to all the older posts I missed and then have to read the comments from others and geez, I seem to just keep getting farther and farther behind.

    Anyway I am back on the internet, blogger only works half the time, which is better than not at all, and the wittle wee ones are now just here on and off. Oh how I was getting so used to those grandbabies and not being able to hold them as much as possible. I am sure your family will be so happy to see your little ones, well and both of you two also.

    They are growing so fast and it does not seem like you have been in Italy that long. My oldest granddaughter and her hubby have been back from there for over a year now. They are at an airbase in AZ.

    I think you will like it in Hawaii, not like I have ever been there but of those that I know who have been, has each said that they would love to live there someday. Just that it is very expensive so luckily you will be able to shop at the military stores. I remember when hubby got out, we experienced sticker shock at the cost off the Fort. Oh well life goes on.

    I just stopped on by to wish you, Military Man, and the kids a Happy Fourth of July. And please add a thank you to Military Man for helping to keep our freedoms alive.

    So totally jealous of the iPad and the pinning link worked for me. Not really sure what it is though. Some kind of wishing upon a star site for things one pines for. I think my brain looks like that site, well if someone could see inside of it.

    See and this is why I am not getting too far with this catch up thingy. Plus IE sent me a thing about how the first version of IE9 cannot guarantee the safety of your computer from hackers or viruses or something like that. I should have taken a picture. It was a duh moment for all the trouble I have been having with blogger and my computer since upgrading. Teach me to stop trying to be so up to date with my electronics. Seriously going now.

    Take care, safe travels and
    God bless.

  2. wow it is hard to believe this one has come to an end...hawaii how cool is that?!? so much to explore and enjoy...i thought i was jealous of this placement...smiles. enjoy each along the way. great pic of the kids. tell MM hey and thank you here on independence day...

  3. Mrsupole -- Thank you so much for your lovely message. Please don't ever think you have to excuse yourself...just and post as much or as little as you wish. Your comments are always welcomed and so encouraging.

    Brian--Thank you, as well...and I relayed the message to MM, too.


Thank you.