more from our walk

Yesterday's inspiration motivated me to dig deeper into these pictures and post other moments to remember and share. We rarely get the opportunity to escape by ourselves even just for a walk. We were thrilled to have a few stolen moments.

We spent a fantastic memorial day weekend with a group of friends in quiet Sperlonga beach, two hours south of Rome and one hour North of Naples. It's a quaint beach community with just the right amount of things to do. If you ever visit Rome, I suggest renting a car and making your way there. Driving  Italian highways are not what you think. The highways are fantastic, safe, full of many rest stops (Autogrill) and signs are easy to read. The drive will seem effortless but make sure your rental includes a navigation system. Also, makes any road trip much easier.


  1. nice...i love the beach..hoping to get away on a fam trip soon...

  2. I love this place...it will always be in my memories of our time in Bella Italia...we need to comeback and continue our walks...

  3. Oh hello, Liza! I just noticed your blog changed (it probably did months ago) and I had been following your previous blog, but never switched to this one. Oh snap. So here I am, catching up on your beautiful photos and words and once again envious at all of your gorgeous destinations. AND I'm following you on Pinterest now, too. Gotta love Pinterest!! :-)

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for your prayers for this family. xoxo

  4. My friends and I will head to Rome next week, thanks for the tip!

  5. Beautiful! Putting it on my list of places to visit! It is nice to get that simple time together...an evening walk is usually just the ticket.


Thank you.