new ideas

so, now that I'm in full moving mode...I'm thinking ahead. Being that I have thousands of great images from our two years in Europe, I'm looking for great ideas to showcase them.  This one has me really excited. It's so creative and since our temporary home in west palm will have a minimalist vibe, this will add some warmth and personality to the space. In addition to a Euro flair.

We've never lived with the bare minimum for a long period of time but it's something I'm looking forward to do very much. Less is more, right?

{image is courtesy IGnant: an exhibition by Danish artist Monja Gentschow}


  1. less is more...that is really cool too...i might have to try it...

  2. That is a sweet idea. I cannot decide if they look like little pictures trying to escape the box or trying to migrate into the box.

    I guess that is thinking out of the box. I was thinking that maybe you could just put a frame up and then put pictures in varying places outside the frame. I also like it when someone doesn't want to frame any of them and they just clip them to a wire on the wall. So I was thinking that maybe you could take a frame and some wire and then have the wire going out in different directions and you could clip the pictures on the wire. If you had a round frame then maybe you could make it look like a flower (or anything you want) and then use the pictures as the petals.

    I guess I am so trained to have it in a frame that I would have never thought of doing something like in the picture.

    Hope you show us what you do.

    God bless.

  3. Oooo, thanks for sharing! Love it!


Thank you.