photo-booth confessionals ™

I'm beginning to feel like I'm selling myself out with my photography. I have prided myself for a long time to keeping things authentic, however, lately I've been overprocessing my images. Actually, i have been stumped over this creatively because of the time wasted over learning new tricks with processing. In addition to, feeling guilty for having all this great equipment and preferring "lo-fi" images to the "high-fi" ones. That would explain my absence here and on flickr. Too much time has been wasted on looking into new ways to "show off" my images.

Let just say, i detest the guilt to have to do more. I just spent lots of time looking over other natural-light photographers and drooling over the life and emotions they are capturing. Then comparing images that i took, let's say a year or so ago, to some of the work i'm doing today. i'll have to say that i captured moments of life much better, then. The images were much better when i walked around with my nifty fifty times two around my neck (or close by) and clicked away. I got sucked into the better lenses, editors, actions, and so-on and it's making me crazy. I think it might be time to down-size.

Albeit, the recent backdrops have been spectacular but lacking....lacking....wonder. Here's a prime example...the sailboats i took in Lake Como over easter weekend. the natural light was breathtaking...that's why i put the camera to my eye to begin with...because it was magical all on its own. And yet, i felt the need to add more. That's so true in a lot that we do. We (i mean people) talk about doing less and not having to do more and yet we feel compelled to do more, anyways.

So, here's to doing less and enjoying more!

If you're interested in viewing the original pic, go to my flickr.


  1. i hear you...get back to it being fun...

    best wishes on the move as well...

  2. I think that is why Ansel Adams pictures are so great. He followed the KISS method and his pics are awesome. But then again you have some awesome ones too. The Lake ones fall into that category.

    I hope you are enjoying the move. It does help one to get rid of clutter. I have so much clutter. But then if times get really bad then I can trade it all and barter for food. Yeah, like anyone wants my junk.

    God bless.


Thank you.