picture inspiration: heart

I've joined this creative community a while ago. Unfortunately, I've neglected it because other things have distracted me. Surprise!

The idea behind it is to challenge you creatively with a theme, to later post it on one's blog and the community page. This past week was heart {or last week, I can't remember}. But whatever the case, this is my contribution.

A lovely little vongole {mussel} washed ashore that we came across on a rare quiet stroll, just MM and I.

Maybe, King Neptune was trying to tell us something.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this photo. SOooooo me and speaks to my heart in ways you could never imagine. Thank you. :)

  2. @brian - It's nice to "sea" love everywhere.

    @sophia - Thank you!

  3. Honey, I am sorry that I didn't comment before...this shows what a great imagination you have...AWESOME PICTURE...


Thank you.