we just got a little lighter

No, this isn't some marvelous insight on how a great diet plan has help me get back into my size 8 jeans, comfortably. In fact, it's about moving. Our first round of the process ended today. Military families are allowed an "express" move, aka unaccompanied move, before the entire household is boxed up, labeled and crated to the next duty station. That's so you can have some basic articles, waiting for you, {in theory} to use while the entire household goods shipment arrives.

The express move ended today but I have been purging for weeks and by that I mean getting rid of all the excess baggage that I've been carrying with us for almost 14 years. There were boxes of memories, books and enough souvenirs to fill a gift shop. In addition to, clothes outgrown by both the wonder kids and me.  You know clothes that I swear I was going to get into "one day". 

Now, my favorite {insert sarcasm here} were MM's old calculus notebooks from his freshmen year in college. He swears that he'll use them to review formulas for his future homework help sessions with the kids. Dozens of carloads later our load has gotten lighter and the boxes, God willing, will be much less on the receiving end. 

One thing that I hated the most about purging were the toys. Many parents knock the electronic video games and xboxes, wii's, etc, but let me tell you what....It beats all the hundreds of Polly Pockets, Barbie, plastic kitchen food who-haas that I had to sift through, yesterday. An entire day was spent figuring out what to do with a centimeter size plastic shoe to a doll that had been long gone. Oh, it was a labor of love. By hour three, I was ready to open an extra large hefty sack and practice some three pointers and blame the movers for sending then to Thailand when the girls realized that everything went missing. 

Don't worry folks, I didn't. It'll feel like Christmas, again, when they open up the moving boxes...and thanks to me much less of them.


  1. we try to purge every couple years...you will have to let me know how the toy purge aftermath goes as i have wondered if they would notice...

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  3. I will use the books...I promise you...:) love you

  4. Being very messy, lazy, sloppy, whatever you want to call it, we rarely purge. Still, this time we're moving into a house with much less storage than we've ever had, plus it's DC, so it's tiny. So we took the purge plunge, finally. I haven't managed to get rid of any toys yet, but we got rid of a ton of furniture that was just taking up room in our garage, plus some lawn equipment, lots of linens that were cluttering our closets, and regular ol' junk. It felt so good! I think we'll do this before every move, as long as our next move isn't only one year away, like our last one was!

    Don't you feel so good, now? :)

  5. I've had that very thing on my mind lately...purging. With just me the last few years, but 20 years of dual accumulation prior to that still waiting to be gone through...well...it is daunting! I think you are brave to tackle it :) Congratulations!!!

  6. Liza, I remember being on the receiving end of one of your purges. Our students are still benefiting from your generosity. Good luck with the move and Congrats on the size 8!!! Will power!


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