Monterosso...and in a moments notice, it's gone.

I'm writing this with a lump in my throat. The news is just heartbreaking. Severe flash flooding has completely wiped out the beautiful villages of Vernazza and Monterosso in Cinque Terre. According to the mayor of Monterosso, ..."Monterosso no longer exists."

Cinque Terre is considered the Italian Hidden Riviera by some and with reason. It's absolutely breathtaking. We had the privelege of visiting the area this July, just five weeks shy of our departure from Italy. I am so glad we made it. We were there for just a quick day trip but were able to squeeze in three of the five villages...Vernazza, Monterosso and Riomaggiore. Of course, we vowed to come back one day with more time and with or without the brat pack. I know that we will. One thing I learned about Italy is that Italians are resilient and resourceful. There's no amount of ash, water, debris or mud that will stiffle their desire to make things Molto Bella.

The day started off a little hazy but by the time we made it to the Riomaggiore there was nothing but sweet light.  I snapped shots unil I couldn't snap anymore. I "disappeared" for about thirty minutes and MM called out a "search party". It was amazing and will share some of those candid shots later.

But first, I wanted to start you off with these of Monterosso.

For more about the aftermath you can read about it here. The government is awarding over 60 million Euros (about $90 million) for the clean-up effort but you can also donate to the Italian Red Cross if you're wanting to help.


  1. oh wow...how sad...and for somewhere so beautiful...your pictures are beautiful...

  2. Thanks for the complement but you should see the mess it's in now. It's going to take them years to bring it back.

  3. That's such terrible news, so devastating.

    You photos are wonderful, I especially love the first one of all the umbrellas. xox.

  4. these photos are so beautiful... i pray for a clean up and safe recovery to all.

  5. Man ... I looked at the photos thinking what a gorgeous beautiful place ... and then I read what you'd written. How sad. May all this work itself out.

  6. Oh no!!! My husband and I were just there last summer! What terrible news! :(

    Found your beautiful blog when you liked my facebook fanpage. I'm happy to have discovered you but so, so saddened by this piece of information. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you.