it's good to be home

Trying to get back in the swing of things and getting settled in our new place. It's actually a bit of a dream come true. We're living in a swanky part of town. I love to be close to great little mom and pop diners and the life downtown.

The Intracoastal Waterway is our view and you can spot the tower at Mar-A-Lago peeking out of the palm trees. We still have boxes to empty amidst the Halloween decorations but there's always time to take advantage of the Green Market and the fountain downtown.

....and YES, having family and friends so close by is a BIG plus. We are beaming and happy.

New Beginnings
New BeginningsNew BeginningsNew BeginningsNew BeginningsNew Beginnings


  1. Good for you! It looks beautiful!

  2. so are you back in FL?

    how cool if you are...and being close to family is a perk. welcome home.

  3. @ Brian - yes, we're back in florida and the plan is to in hawaii by the summer.

  4. @ hausfrau - we are in a beautiful city...and it's getting prettier as time goes by.

  5. I am sooooo happy to see this posting...and also that you are having FUN...love you

  6. Congrats! It sounds so divine. I am in the process of moving soon {hopefully} so know it's great to get that end result of joy. Beautiful images!

    And glad you liked the video about Kim Keever- wasn't it inspirational?! Glad you stopped on by so I could find your blog ;)


Thank you.