Checking our list

Do you have a checklist? Special holiday traditions? 

Well, I found this one via simple as that and thought it would be fun to record our holidays with this photo checklist.

I'm well on my way, the Christmas spirit is in full swing at our home. I've never followed a formal checklist but I thought it would be fun to print this one out with the kids. Hopefully, they can put a name to the things we've shared as a family... 

...and see how "coo-coo" mom was and gets around the holidays. 



  1. that is actually really cool...almost like a holiday scavenger hunt...might be cool to make a list and give each family member a disposable camera and let them have at it...

  2. I can't believe it...a checklist...I am msising home like crazy so this blog is once again my escape to happy place...looks great and I will be home soon...

  3. aw, I love that your husband comments on your blog! mark reads mine always but seems to be just a lurker ;)

    this is a really cute list! fun reminders.

  4. thank you Toni...I have to be careful with giving Liza artistic and layout advises since she is by far the creative mind in this family...even the kids know this...they only come to me for math homework...and the blog is and has been my way of keeping my sanity and peace and quite for many years of military life...ciao

  5. This is such a lovely idea :)


Thank you.