Cinque Terre Update

Save Vernazza is a Facebook page that is keeping the public up to date on its rescue efforts. Vernazza is a smaaaall village but the damage is quite extensive and its location makes for tricky manuevering. However, spirits and optimism are high. As you visit the page, you can see how the firemen are sharing meals with the rest of the rescue workers and to top it off, enjoying a glass of wine. Their perspective on life is admirable.

As promised, here are more pics from our trip to Cinque Terre this summer with a little bonus...a soundtrack that I borrowed from una bella vita. The trip felt magical the instant we stepped off the train, however, the couple of hours in Vernazza were transformed into my own Italian movie with a serenade from a young canadian tourist. She was playing a piano solo at the cafe where we stopped for a cool drink and an espresso. The solo is Comptine d'un autre ete...which loosely translated means "a rhyme of another summer".  This song will always take me back to our magical moments in Cinque Terre. 

This is the best representation of how we traveled...wondergirl always tired...wonderboy helping mom by carrying camera bag, wonderbaby on mm's back...and I...behind the camera, of course. 

Yes, people do lay on the rocks to sunbathe. See the leg peeking behind the rocks.

What about you? Do have any special soundtracks playing in your head?


  1. I LOVE that picture of your husband and kids. Beautiful shot!

  2. nice...great pic of the fam...def keeping the rescue effort in our prayers...

  3. I am glad we made it to this beautiful and unforgettable part of Bella Italia. The Italians will bring it back to what it was and better because now it has a rebirth!!!

  4. really wanna visit Italia!thanks for sharing your travel.. wanna go there someday! i love listening to "Corrs" song when travelling..=)


Thank you.