Decided to stay indoors

Feel the rain.
photo taken from flickr
We were welcomed with the rain and the day ends the same. The windows whistle with every gust of wind. The decision to stay home for the night was made without hesitation or resistance. I hope I'm forgiven for my absence tonight. Sorry friends. They sleep. I write and worry about tomorrow's new experience.

The wonderkids are dreaming with the stars...hollywood that is...they want to audition for a talent company touring our area. They rehearsed all week and I have become their acting coach. One more knotch on my ever expanding mommy belt. Oh, the things we do for love.

Wishing them all the luck in the world. I'm proud already.

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  1. nice...my son auditioned for the part of Lincoln's son in the new spielberg movie...he made it to the final six but they did not take him...they did send him a very encouraging letter though...hope they have fun with it...


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