For the cappuccino lovers

Rememeber, I mentioned that I was looking for a capuccino that tasted anything like the ones in Italy. Well, Harold's in Northwood is where I'll be coming back for more. I challenged Chris, the barista, and he came through. He's a master barista that delivered the frothiest cappuccino in town. (Yes, he took me back to Napoli.)

Harold's is a coffee shop in a league of its own with the most intricate and intriguing iced coffee brewing system you'll ever see. It brews coffee (or tea) with a cold press to ensure that the grounds and or tea leaves remain unscorched. As a result, you have a cup of coffee/tea that is smooth and 110% caffeine proof...Pick Me Up, For Sure!

I absolutely love places like Harold's that offer a unique experience. While chatting with my friend M about everything under the sun, I took it all in and noticed that they have a lot more to offer...poetry slams, local art for sale, free comedy and eco-friendly workshops.

Definitely, a place to enjoy some local flavor and a smooth cup of coffee. 


  1. It's such a necessity to find a good, local coffee shop that's not a huge chain. I'm happy for you that you can be taken back to Italy with that first sip ;)

    Loving all you photos--the Italy ones: swoon!!

  2. i love the cold-pressing! what cafe does that!? excellent.

    and loving the extras -comedy nights, art, etc

    where we live they make good coffee but hopeless cappuccinos - thin froth. ugh

  3. nice...we dont have one anywhere nearby that i know of... but sounds really cool...

  4. Where exactly is this coffee shop?? I need to experience at least one of every drink, I think!

  5. I am absolute into this kind of brewing. Manual coffee brewing. I am yet to get my cold brewer...but the one here looks toweringly great!


Thank you.