Have a relaxing weekend, lovelies

Insta magic
Sweet Dreams on Instagram @lizabeeandcompany

This week has come and gone. The Halloween magic has disappeared (as the decorations) but the treats will linger for what it looks like the rest of the month. The wonderkids did a fantastic job of gathering treats. As for me, I'm doing a great job of staying away from the candy jar. One way is playing with some great new photography apps, of course.

I'm falling in love with Instagram. Since I've packed my fuji instax, I've been looking for ways to document my dailies with some vintage flair. This is a fantastic way to keep up with old, new and creative friends. Love this new app on my phone. My favorite filters are Amaro, Hefe and Valencia.

So, do you Instagram?

You can find me @lizabeeandcompany.


  1. ha. i only hit the candy buckets the first night...i had to make sure it was alright for them, right? smiles.

    have a lovely weekend

  2. lovely shot and nicely treated.
    i definitely covet everyone's iphones, lol. but i play with photoshop, which gives me more control. but for quick shots, yes to iphones and instagrams!

    thanks for visiting, you have a lovely place here.

  3. I love instagram!!! I'll have to find you! I'm sdanddoublee.


Thank you.