thanksgivings away

I believe a true bohemian always thinks of their travels...past, present and future. One year ago, we visited one of many bohemain meccas....Budapest.

Budapest is an intriguing combination of two cities Buda and Pest, where everyone from the posh to the pauper, the artist to the historian can enjoy. I am thankful everyday and especially today for the opportunity to travel and have fond memories of Thanksgivings away in such magical places. 

Have a blessed day. Enjoy your families and thanks for being a loyal reader. I really appreciate you!

{In case you're wondering we stayed here and did this, cruised this and the kids absolutely loved THIS... just to name a few.}


  1. very cool...sounds like a neat place...i love to travel, so will add it to the list...hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving...

  2. oh what wonderful memories...one of my favor places in Europe...although there are many favorites...

  3. beautiful place! i love visiting place like that! =)



Thank you.