close up, check...feeling blessed, check

... close up of an ornament...check...images of a craft project...check...feeling blessed...check & check.

I feel like one lucky girl. This week I have enjoyed giving in to the creative wave that has come over me. I'm checking off the things that are on yesterday's list, creating new things... and...well, feeling especially thankful to be able to do these things is a byproduct.  It's a priveledge to be able to have the time to dedicate to these simple things. I have to remind myself of this on the days that I think the grass is greener on the other side.

In case you're wondering the turquoise glass ornaments are from Target and the supplies were purchased at Michael's. I used burlap ribbon, scraps from the bottom of the tannenbaum, Martha Stewart Holiday cardstock, scissors and a glue stick. The bunting triangles are basically long diamond shapes cut out of the cardstock that I folded in half and glued over string (pulled out of the garland). Crafty and resourceful all rolled into one. Honestly, I surprised myself. I haven't been this crafty in a long time.

Let's see what other things I come up with this season...I can't seem to stop the ideas from coming.

Happy Weekend!


  1. nice...glad you are having fun and feeling creative...its beginning to look a lot like christmas...

  2. nice work! Loving that top pic.

    Enjoy the creative juices, there is nothing better.

    xo em


Thank you.